Friday, July 31, 2009

I've got Colorado on my mind.

We've been home from Colorado for a week now and I do believe I am ready to go back real soon. There is just something about that place that makes me feel so alive. It does the same thing to Stephen. Maybe it's the fact that it's not blazing hot outside. We hiked several miles one day at a very rapid pace and you know we didn't really sweat. Yes, I was getting a great workout with out nearly passing out from heat exhaustion. I think I sweat more here just taking my kids out of the car. There's just so much to do outside there. I just love that place and so did Andie and Gray.

Another very obvious reason I love Colorado is the beauty of the mountains. It's just so quiet and peaceful. You see these amazing mountains that only God could have created with these beautiful trickling rivers and streams running beside them with ice cold fresh water. Ahhhh! Love it and miss it!

Andie and Wesley feeding the "chipies" that would be chipmunks.

Stephen and Gray at Lily's Lake
Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Hiking to the Baldpate Inn to eat lunch.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How cute is this?!

I just had to post this picture of Gray and his Grandad.
The way Gray is looking at him is priceless.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First plane ride less desirable for some.

On Saturday both Gray and Andie experienced their first plane ride. It was a bit interesting. Saturday morning started with Andie coming into our room and vomited all over our floor. Then she proceeded to toss her cookies a few more times that morning. Ugh! I'm thinking this should be real fun flying with an upset stomach. I can't think of anything worse. She seemed to be feeling better later on that morning. Our flight wasn't until noon so, I was thinking we might be okay and we should have some time to get over this.

We boarded the plane with all of our stuff. Holy cow did we have a lot! Andie loved the plane and she did great. She watched a movie and even slept a bit. Now, Gray did so much as rest his eyes. He was awake the WHOLE time. I was sort of hoping he might sleep a bit but nothing. Overall he did great. He maybe cried a few times for a very short amount of time. Like I said the flight was great until we started our decent into Dever. Andie's little tummy just couldn't take it and she began to lose it. Bless her heart. Fortunately, mommy remembered to pack an extra change of clothes for her. We changed on the plane and she was in pretty good spirits again. Well, as good as she could be for having some little 24 hour bug. After a very long wait at the airport looking for mine and Stephen's suitcase which was no where to be found (that's another story) and then waiting in an hour line to pick up our rental car (don't get me started on this) we were finally off to Estes Park, Colorado. We did make one stop at Target to get some simple necessities for Stephen and I until our luggage should show up. Thankfully it did. Now, we are finally off to Estes. Andie and Gray both sacked out in the back seat. Then Andie woke up and discovered the mountains and the very windy roads through the mountains and again she got sick. Ugh! It was everywhere she was crying then Gray started crying because his sister was so upset and Stephen and I where thinking this traveling thing is not what it is cracked up to be.

Checking out the kitchen in our place.

View from our porch. Wow!

We finally got to our house, which is beautiful and the scenery is just unbelievable. It is such a great reminder of God's great work. What beauty He Created for us to enjoy. Back to our travels..both Gray and Andie got baths and went to bed and Praise God Andie woke up and she was her sweet bubbly self and oh so excited to see her cousin Wesley. Gray was just ready for breakfast.
Let the fun begin. More pictures to come.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Princesses + cup cakes= Princess Party

This year for the first time Andie wanted a say in what she wanted to do for her birthday party. At first I was thinking I would pass on doing a party for her and Stephen and I would take her out to dinner and do something special with her but with a little persuasion from a friend I decided to do an old fashioned birthday party. Ya know, the kind you have at your house. Yikes!!! It seems like everyone has gone to off site parties which are great but they end up costing so much. At least the few I have done for Andie have. I had such a fun time planning the party. There are hundreds of websites dedicated to planning children's birthday parties. Some a bit elaborate and over the top and some very modest. Trying to find a happy median is difficult because some of the ideas where just so stinkin' cute but I wanted to stick to my budget. Which meant I needed to make a lot of the decorations, food, and I even made the cupcakes and they were a hit. Andie and the girls seemed to have a wonderful time and that's what matters. I think the party was a success. Yippee!

First Hair Cut.

Check out Gray's haircut. He looks like he has grown up so much just with a little hair cut. He no longer looks like a baby. Gray definitely resembles the Thomas clan with his short hair. You know those Thomas boys keep their hair short. It took me awhile to take him in because I just wasn't ready to cut of his cute little curls but I do love his big boy hair cut.


Of course there was food involved.

How cute is he?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This is the note I got from school the other day.

Andie and Gray are both attending a little summer Mother's Day Out program on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It is WONDERFUL! They seem to totally enjoy it and it is nice break for me. When I pick them up from school the teachers are great at informing the parents of what the kids did that day. Things like what they liked most, the bible story they learned and what their appetite was like. Andie's notes usually say appetite was fair or sometimes she even gets a good. This is what Gray's note said

This is the life of a Mother with sons I guess. The boy never gets full. I kid you not he will eat until it just does not fit in is stomach anymore. Basically, when he starts to overflow I stop feeding him.

Just to give you a little perspective on how much this kid eats. We were out to eat at Panaera bread the other day and ordered each kid their own meal, because there is no sharing with Gray. Gray proceeded to eat his entire grilled cheese sandwich, some fruit and his yogurt and then ate the rest of Andie's sandwich. There was a cute little couple sitting next to us who commented on much Gray was eating. I couldn't understand why my grocery bill was getting bigger and bigger. At first I was thinking it was the economy and the price of food was going up but I have come to conclusion that is my growing boy.