Thursday, December 23, 2010


I think these pictures might give you the wrong impression of how well me kids get along. They appear to be very loving and truly enjoy each other's company. Ha! I'm here to tell you there is defiantly a bit of sibling rivalry between these two. I feel like I am putting out fires all day long. I look at these pictures I think about what every mother out there has gone through raising kids. The constant arguing and fighting over toys. One screaming, "he touched me", "she kicked me" and my favorite, "he looked at me". Have you heard this before?

I look at my relationships with my siblings and we are very close. I know my mom thought at times they will never like each other. Stephen is also very close to his brother and sister. He's business partners with his brother and they truly are best friends. I love that! So I will wait with great anticipation for that day! I will continually pray for a strong bond between the two of them. Until that day, could you pray for my sanity?

I just love this picture. Stephen took this at the Austin zoo. It cracks me up!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I really can't seem to find time anymore to blog. What is happening?! I'm feeling so busy with life and kids that I can't seem to get a single post completed. UGH!!! So here I am on December 5th posting Halloween pictures. Ha! What, What's wrong with that?!

Andie LOVEs to dress up all the time. She loves to dress up as Princess. (I guess that's the truth with most little girls.) Oh may she always know that she is a true Princess, a daughter of the KING!! Just gives me chills knowing that the Lord above adores t
his little Princess as much as I do and then some.

This year she was persistent about being Pocahontas. We have had her costume since August. She has watched this movie more times than I can count. She now, not only watches the movie but acts it out! There's a scene in the movie where Pocahontas dives off this cliff well, I have caught her diving off the couch. This girl does not sit to watch this movie, she is acting the whole thing out. It's hilarious!!! So here she is as Pocahontas.

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's super man!!! Gray really had no what the in world halloween was all about. I took the liberty to choose his costume for him. I thought he would make a very cute Superman. Don't ya think he makes a cute super hero??? I really choose this because the cape. What boy does not like to have a cape to flap in the wind as he runs. Ha!

We had so much fun trick or treating! We did a little hay ride through my friends neighborhood. The kids had a blast! Andie was all about getting the most candy. Gray was just along for the ride until he started realizing, hey these people are giving me lollipops and then he was on board with it.

Thanks Bates family for another fun year of trick or treating.