Thursday, January 29, 2009

Now that's a sign of some good sleep...

For those of you who know Gray know that he is not the best of nappers. He's a wonderful sleeper at night but during the day he would rather be up and playing or sitting on my hip. He was a trooper all day yesterday. We went to the gym where he played with his little friend Carter and then we headed to mall to meet his other little friend Evelyn. We ate lunch, shopped and just strolled around for two hours. I didn't hear a peep out of him. He wasn't sleeping, I think he was just taking in all the sights and sounds. After a few hours there we ran to pick Andie up from school and headed home. I thought surely he has got to be tired...he really hadn't napped all day. I laid him down and would you believe he slept for 2 hours. Yippee!! But this is what he looked like when he woke up.

Now that my friends is some good bed hair.

Do you want to play dress up?

This seems to be a very common question asked around our house. Andie is so into dress up right now, which I think is adorable but actually hard to play. Why?? because what the heck, I can't fit into her Cinderella, Belle, or Snow White dresses so how do you play dress up with nothing to dress up in. I've been told I am too big to wear her pretty little dresses and I am okay with that coming from my daughter. So, what usually happens is I end up wearing an excessive amount of jewelry. I do believe I am supposed to look like a princess but when I look at myself in the mirror I am feeling more like the girl version of Mr. T. At any rate, she loves to put it on me and top me off with a crown. That's usually how we play dress up around here. Sometimes she even makes daddy into a princess. That you have got to see. (Pictures to come on that one...I have not be able to capture that just yet.)

Friday, January 23, 2009

This was how we spent our New Year's...

Well, it was an interesting New Year's for the Thomas Family this year. One I hope to never repeat. It was a nice little stay in the hospital with our little man, Gray. What was supposed to only be an over night stay turned into three nights. This is how it went down. On Sunday morning Gray woke with a bit of fever and very fussy. Not like himself...I mean the little guy is a little needy but this was just over the top. I noticed he was having a difficult time breathing so, we immediately started breathing treatments. He seemed a little better but he still wasn't himself and still stuggling to breath. So, Monday evening I took him to the doctor. They tested him for the flu, nope not that...Thank goodness. One more dig in his nose...he was not liking that. This one would determine if he had RSV and we would not know the outcome until Wednesday, which was New Year's Eve. So, we went home did round the clock breathing treatments and went back in on Wednesday. As soon as we got there the results where in...she said he tested positive for RSV and my options were to take him to the ER at a local hospital or down to Texas Children's and risk them not taking him at all because it was RSV season and they probably won't have any rooms available. I just broke down! I can't believe I have to take my little guy to the hospital. We immediately ran home, I packed an "overnight" bag for me and for him, thinking we would only be there for one night. With a two hour wait in the ER and that was a direct admit so, you can imagine how long some of those people were there waiting. Within a few hours they had him on oxygen and round the clock breathing treatments. I felt like I had a newborn all over again. They would come in do his breathing treatments and then take his vitals. Once he was good and awake, they would give him back to me and there I was trying to calm him down and get him to sleep again. I would get back into what they called a pull out bed, which was the most uncomfortable place I've ever slept and I have slept on a roof in Mexico in the middle of July and that was better. The next thing I knew they were back to do the same thing again. Are you kidding me?? The next night was a little easier . Gray was showing signs of improvment but they still wouldn't allow us to take him home just yet. They just didn't feel comfortable releasing him with his oxygen levels not at consistant number. Once, he was at 99-100% O2 all day he would be discharged. Finally, Saturday morning they took him off the Oxygen and by that afternoon he was free to go. Yippee!!! After three long nights we were able to go home and with in a few days at home he was back to himself. What an experience! Happy New Year!

Even with a little Oxygen tube up his nose he's still so stinkin' cute!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, Christmas Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year. It is the night of the much anticipation. For kids, it's the excitement of what Santa will bring and all the loot that they will have to unwrap. For parents, it's the thought of, "Where are we going to put all this loot?" Here are a few pictures of Gray and Andie all dressed up on Christmas Eve ready for Church. Another thing I just love about Christmas Eve.