Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No trip to Colorado would be complete without...

Casa Bonita. Yes, I said it, a trip to Colorado must include a stop at the great Casa Bonita where the food is less than desirable but oh so fun for the kids. Like I said, Stephen grew up going to Colorado and most of his trips also included a trip to Casa Bonita. I guess Stephen's memories are quit fond of this place. Maybe the food was better tasting when he was younger or he has forgotten. Needless to say the kids totally enjoyed it. Gray was fixated on the stage and the performers. Can I call them that? At any rate both Andie and Gray loved it.

Look Paul and Stephen were even having a good time. Ha!

The best part of Casa Bonita is the all you can Sopapillas!!! You just raise your little red flag and moments later you have basket full of those lovely things. YUM!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rocky Mountain High

Well, we decided to take sort of a spontaneous trip to Colorado in the new year. Stephen loves everything about Colorado. I have to admit Colorado is one of the most beautiful peaceful places I have ever been to. God is so creative isn't he?
Last night, I was trying to count how many times I have been to Colorado and I honestly can't tell you. Prior to knowing Stephen I hadn't stepped foot in Colorado not so much as even flown over the place and now after almost 14 years with him I have totally lost count. I guess he is slowly transforming this city girl into a wilderness girl. Well, not totally, I will also travel with my make up and flat iron.
Back to the trip...we decided we would take kids with us because neither one of them had truly seen snow. I'm talking snow that actually sticks to the ground. Andie is now 4 and half (and she will tell you that half) which is a great age to get them on skis. I didn't learn to ski until I was in my early twenties and it is much harder to learn when you are older so I've heard. Let's see...I've been skiing three times and I have taken lessons each time I have gone. I think it finally clicked this time. I'm not breaking any records but I can get down the mountain in one piece and with all my gear. Actually, I skied my first blue this year. WooHooo! I totally slowed Stephen and Paul down but I did it. Thanks guys for being patient.

Here are a few photos from our trip. I'm sad to report that we didn't get many pictures of Andie skiing. The few that we got you really couldn't see her.

Gray in his ski bib ready to play in the snow.
Look at Andie she was trying not to act excited
about going out to play in the snow and go tubing.
Such a stinker sometimes!

I just love this picture of her.

Andie tubing. We took her tubing on the first
day just to sort of get her in the mood for skiing.
Our thinking was if she likes tubing she may not
be so apprehensive about going skiing.

While went tubing my mom stayed back and
entertained Gray in the snow.
He was not so sure of this white stuff.

Gray's first snowball to the face.
Give him time and he will be pegging us all.
That kid has already got an arm. You
should see how he can chunk an orange.

Andie got to cook us pizza one night for dinner.
We went to the place called Pizza Carlo where
they have something called Kids in the Kitchen.
They let the kids tour the kitchen and see how pizza
is made and then they get to make a pizza for the family.

She loved it. All night she kept asking,
"How do you like my pizza?"

Look how giddy this girl is, she's getting fitted
for her skis and ski boots. I love it!!

We had a great trip. Stephen and I have been talking about the trip and how things have come full circle for him. We went skiing at Copper Mountain many things have happened there at good ol' Copper. Stephen grew up going to Copper Mountain with his family and has many wonderful memories from all of his trips. We got engaged there Dec 16th 2000 and now we are taking our kids there to ski. How fun is that?!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Round 3...

Yes, Christmas was done in 3 rounds this year, Christmas at home, Christmas with Zarro's and then Christmas with the Thomas'. My kids were loving it. Andie LOVES spending time with her cousins. It's so cute how she gets so excited at the just the mention of seeing one of them. Now, Gray was not feeling his best. Even though the poor kid had hand foot and mouth he still was a trooper. What the heck is that virus anyway? Here are a few photos of Christmas with the Thomas'. Another great celebration!

Just before the unwrapping began. Notice you can see the floor.

Grammy and Andie with matching aprons. Grammy's said, Grammy and Andie's said Grammy's helper. So cute!

Uncle Stephen searching for something on the internet with both Wesley and William snuggled up next to him. It was so cute to see them so interested in what he was doing.

Andie got a telescope from Grammy and Granddad. She had been asking for one for quite some time. That was defiantly the highlight of her day. However, have you ever tried to teach a kid to look through a telescope? It's not that easy. Once she got it down though she was so excited.

Gray got himself a nice set of golf clubs which he was also very excited about. I do have to keep an eye on him with those suckers because he has been known to use them as a weapon. In fact today, Stephen was sleeping on the couch and got clunked in the head with one of those things. I have to admit it's sort of funny though.

A completed puzzle by Grammy and Andie. Grammy is definalty Andie's little playmate.