Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of Pre-K

Andie was very excited about going back to her "old" school. She calls it her old school because she went to a different school this summer for a very short summer camp. When I asked her what she was most excited about going into the 4 year old class she told me, "no naps in the 4 year old class." Ha! I think it's so funny that she was most excited about not taking a nap.

Another funny thing, while driving her to school I told her I was going to miss her while she was at school all day. Her response was, "it's okay mommy, I'll be there when you pick. Everything will be okay." Too cute! She was more worried about me.

I totally love this picture. Just look at how Andie's teacher showed her so much love as she got to the door. It just warms my heart knowing that she is with a loving teacher who loves the Lord and loves my sweet little girl.

Need a good laugh?

I know this has happened to any woman who has ever gone to get their nails done.

Okay, if you have not seen this on youtube take a few minutes to watch it. So stinking funny!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


How many of you are at a loss for what to do with the kiddos in this 100 degree weather? It is literally driving me crazy. There is truly nothing to do outside without nearly passing out and swimming is not even refreshing because the water is like bath water. We could go eat at chick-fil-a and play there but any more chicken and my kids might just start clucking and peeking at the ground or we could go to the mall and play. Then what usually happens there is I end up spending way too much money. What's supposed to be free outing usually turns into an expensive one. So the other day Andie and I decided to bake some Easy butter cookies. They were super easy and quit tasty. Gray seemed to like them too.

This picture cracks me up. Andie is waiting on the cookies watching a movie on my iphone. When we were kids we just sat and watched the cookies bake. Ha!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My little builder.

Gray has really gotten to stacking cups. I just love to watch his little mind work. He really concentrates when he is putting those cups in the right order. It just kills me. I'm beginning to see a bit of a perfectionist personality. He's also quit the comedian too.

He even cleans for me sometimes.
I've seen him fill these little cups with
all the stray cheerios he finds on the floor.

I just can't believe it!

I am about a year late for Andie's first dentist appointment. I've heard you're supposed to take them at age three. Well, I decided I would just hold off for one more year. I was totally dreading the whole thing. Andie is not the best of patients. The kid hears that I am going to take her to the doctor and she just about comes out of her skin. Not only that she has just about thrown up on me and herself every time we have gone to the doctor. She gets her self all worked up about it. Not at the dentist. She did WONDERFUL! The dentist office I took her to was AMAZING. In fact, a very sweet friend of mine from high school was the one who cleaned Andie's teeth. Overall her apponintment was very uneventful. She got a good report except...Andie has a little habit that was oh so cute when she was a baby because she could sooth herself but, not so wonderful anymore. Can you guess what it is? She is a big time thumb sucker. She mainly does it when she is tired, watching TV, or just the mere sight of her blankie the thumb goes right into her mouth. (I guess that's a lot of the time.) How many of you were guilty of this same little habit? Yours truly sucked her thumb until I believe close to the 5th grade. And yes my parents have the orthodontist bills to prove it. But I am grateful they spent the money on my teeth. All this to say, the dentist told Andie she needed to make the decision to stop. Yea right, how is a 4 year going to make that decision on her own. Well, I decided to intervene with a little help. I bought this stuff called Mavala Stop. You just paint a little on her finger nail and when she tries to suck her thumb it just taste awful. It really does I tasted it and was totally appalled by it. I am so proud of her she has gone 36 hours without sucking her thumb. The first day without sucking her thumb and she wanted me to buy her some chips from the gym. Easy to do! I wonder what she will want for the next 24 hours?! She has already mentioned a doll. This could get expensive!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I just came across one of the most amazing and delicious looking blogs. You have got to peruse through this blog and see what decedent recipes you can make for your family or just for yourself. YUM-O!

Maybe I'm just really hungry!

Look what I have come across.

I have recently come across this website. Oh my goodness, I love to see what the deals are. I haven't yet bought anything but, have no fear I'm sure there will be a few purchases. It's great, you just need to add yourself to the email address and they will send you an email about what the deal is for the day or you can just check it each morning. Make sure you check it each day at 9 am MST. So fun!