Saturday, March 12, 2011

Learning to ride bikes

The kids got bikes for Christmas and sadly the first time we took them out to ride them was in February. Andie was determined to learn to ride her big girl bike. Probably because I told her I learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels when I was five. Seeing as she is 5 1/2 she was feeling the pressure to say she also learned to ride her bike at 5. So, Stephen took the training wheels and we took her riding.

It's totally a two person job. Since, Andie still wants someone near her (even though she can ride by herself) and this little guy is more fascinated with how the bike works rather than watching where he's going. Such a little engineer. I'm not kidding he is constantly watching his legs going around and around and how the chain moves. too funny! The one time I took my eyes off him to snap a picture of Andie he rode eight off into a ditch. It was pretty funny. He was fine just a little dirty.

Once they both got the hang of it they LOVED it. Andie learned pretty quickly with no major spills. Which is good because any injury andshe probably wouldn't have gotten back a bike again til her mid 20's.
What better way to celebrate the success of these two youngsters than with ice cream. I would say that was a pretty special day. How is this happening so fast, my kids are growing up? (sniffle)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Keystone Take 2

Here we go again. While Andie was already at ski school we decided to bundle the boys up and take them out to hit the slopes again. Don't they just look thrilled.

(Brennan and Gray)

How cute are these two little boys? What about the cute little wagons? This idea was genius. I'm sure a mom came up with the idea. These little wagons were all over the town and anyone could use them to transport all your gear (or your kids gear) to lift or back to your condo. The first day we had no idea about these suckers until we were at the lift and a nice little old man told us about them. Let me tell we took full advantage of these things the remainder of the trip. Trying to carry a 2 year old all bundled up along with skis made for a challenge not to mention how ridiculous you looked dropping things along the way.
I'm so sad I didn't take more pictures of our trip but that camera and camera bag is just so cumbersome when you have all your ski gear and gloves on. That makes for difficult picture taking so I'm so disappointed that I didn't get more pictures of everyone. I'm really sad I didn't get more of Andie skiing.

(Mom, Melody, Sister, Me)

This picture was taken about 2 minutes after I slipped on a patch of ice. Let me tell you, I knew I was going down and I just couldn't do anything to save my self. It was like it was in slow motion. All I could her was, "ohhhh nooo" from all my family. Then I hit the ground. Thankfully that I day, I was wearing camera bag (ya know, that cumbersome bag). That baby, saved my back and tail bone. I guess I should wear that thing more often knowing how accident prone I am. Everyone said all they could see were my legs above my head and next thing I was on my back. I kid you not, I really didn't feel a thing thanks to that camera bag. I don't know how that lens didn't get crushed. I'm just thankful I had it with me that day because that could have bad, real bad.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Skiing Keystone- Take 1

This past week we had the opportunity to go skiing with the with my entire family in Keystone. We decided to put Gray on skis and see how he does, I mean the kid's 2 he should be skiing right?! Ha! It is pretty amazing seeing some of these youngsters zipping down the mountain. They are fearless. I guess they don't really know the risk involved. They are also pretty close the ground so the fall doesn't hurt as bad.
He we are trying to get Gray's gear on. Talk about a lot of work. He actually has no idea what's about to happen notice he's not yet crying.
He seemed okay at first if you had a tight grip on him. I mean, he had to feel that you were hanging on to his jacket. He would sort of freak out if he didn't feel a death grip on his jacket.
Leaning back a little to much. We kept telling him to lean forward a bit so he wouldn't fall backwards, not sure he understood what I was saying. Then, I got on my knees right in front of him. I pointed the tips of his skies down and began to ski to me. Then, I would move a little bit back and told him to ski to me again. This is the face I got.

Hilarious!! He was laughing and crying at the same time. He wanted to like it but was scared at the same time. Ha!

I think his favorite part of the day was riding the little magic carpet. He would get to the top and say again. I knew he wasn't talking about the skiing part but the little ride. He kept saying, "ride again, ride again."
Then, you've got Brennan who the minute he got his skis on he was zipping down the mountain. He was a natural. He would get to the top and say, "Self and I go fast." That's all that kid wanted to do was get some speed. Too funny!
This was her second time to go skiing so she was a little familiar with the routine but still not sure if she liked it. The first day she said they worked on stopping by doing the pizza wedge. Her right leg wasn't exactly doing what she wanted it to do so she was a little frustrated with that. That night before bed I asked her what she wanted to pray for and she said, "Please pray that my right leg would just do what it's supposed to do when I'm skiing. " So cute!