Saturday, March 12, 2011

Learning to ride bikes

The kids got bikes for Christmas and sadly the first time we took them out to ride them was in February. Andie was determined to learn to ride her big girl bike. Probably because I told her I learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels when I was five. Seeing as she is 5 1/2 she was feeling the pressure to say she also learned to ride her bike at 5. So, Stephen took the training wheels and we took her riding.

It's totally a two person job. Since, Andie still wants someone near her (even though she can ride by herself) and this little guy is more fascinated with how the bike works rather than watching where he's going. Such a little engineer. I'm not kidding he is constantly watching his legs going around and around and how the chain moves. too funny! The one time I took my eyes off him to snap a picture of Andie he rode eight off into a ditch. It was pretty funny. He was fine just a little dirty.

Once they both got the hang of it they LOVED it. Andie learned pretty quickly with no major spills. Which is good because any injury andshe probably wouldn't have gotten back a bike again til her mid 20's.
What better way to celebrate the success of these two youngsters than with ice cream. I would say that was a pretty special day. How is this happening so fast, my kids are growing up? (sniffle)

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