Friday, February 27, 2009

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a...

not sure what he's looking at honestly! I like to think he is in deep thought about something very profound. What do you think?

Hammers aren't only for boys!

For those of you know, we are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. It was supposed to only take about two weeks and we are now going on four weeks. It actually has not been that bad though. Stephen decided to do all the demo. It had it's pros and cons. It did save us some money and he did a great job at taking out things like my stove, sink and counters just before the workers would be coming to do each job. I was only with out my sink for one day, my stove for a weekend (not to sad about that since I don't really enjoy cooking), and with out counters for 3 days. The down side was if you know Stephen, he is night most of the work was done after dinner. I don't know how my kids slept through the sounds of the nail gun, various saws, and hammers but they did. Fun times! It defiantly was for Andie. She totally loved helping her daddy pound some of the nails in the old counter tops.

I do believe it is Mac time!!

So, I have not updated my blog in about three weeks. My computer was on it's last leg and think it is officially dead. It is painfully slow! I mean so slow that you can type a sentence and you have to wait at least 10 seconds for it to finish the sentence. Mixed emotions about the dead computer, one I have no computer when Stephen is at work but this also means I am that much closer to a much desired Mac. I feel like I am totally disconnected from the world without the Internet. It's that same feeling when you leave the house and realize you don't have your cell phone. I mean if you didn't even realize you didn't have that sucker everything would be fine but the minute you realize you're without it you think of all the worst possible things that could happen to you without it. Anyone agree? Same thing with the computer. That thing could not even be on and I'm okay. It's just knowing that if I wanted to get on the Internet I could. I feel closed off to everyone and everything. So frustrating. On the flip side though, I have almost finished reading The Shack and getting ready to start another book. Did I mention too that our cable box is also going out. I do believe the Lord is telling me something.