Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Now this is a horse I'll ride.

We all know my track record with horses. Well, it's not good. But I have finally found a horse that I might ride again. These little darlings are about 3 ft tall from the ground to the top of their heads. Now were talking. I mean if I was riding one of this little cuties and he begin to buck I could just stand up and their you have it no one gets hurt. Anywhoooo my mom told me about this place just outside Brenham. It's a miniature horse farm run by nuns.

I love this picture of Andie.

Andie loved petting the horses and looking at them.

Gray took a few looks and then he found some
sticks which seemed to be of more interest to him.
He tried to poke the horses in the eyes a few times. Boys are just so
different from girls I am learning very fast.

If you are looking for something to do near Brenham check this place out.
You could get some Blue Bell Ice Cream while you are there.